Fried in extra virgin olive oil


Cretan…..7€ – individual portion…..4,5€

With tomato, cucumber, onion, green pepper, olives, Chania PDO pichtogalo soft cheese, pickled kritamo, carob rusks & extra virgin olive oil with carob honey

Spinach…..6€ – individual portion…..4€

With feta cheese, crispy phyllo, fresh herbs & roasted sesame

Caesar’s…..8€ – individual portion…..5€

With roasted tender chicken fillet, bacon, iceberg, croutons, parmesan & caesar’s sauce

Groats with avocado…..6€ – individual portion…..4€

With cherry tomatoes, zucchini, parsley, mint & citrus sauce with Greek red Saffron

Greens with raisins & Greek pasteli…..6€ – individual portion…..4€

With variety of green leaves, cherry tomatoes, orange fillet & balsamic sauce

Greens with prosciutto & grilled goat cheese…..8€ – individual portion…..5€

With variety of green leaves, pear, hazelnuts, dried figs & sauce of pears & ginger



Club sandwich…..7€

With smoked turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, green leaf lettuce & mayonnaise on wheat bread. Served with roasted & lightly fried potatoes


Minced beef (200g), bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, iceberg, pickled cucumber & caramelized onion in fluffy brioche bread. Served with roasted & lightly fried potatoes

Falafel & groats salad…..7€

With pita bread & hummus sauce with smoked paprika. Served with groats salad with aromatic herbs

Crispy chicken fillet sandwich with coleslaw…..9€

With chicken fillet in a crust of panko on fluffy brioche bread.  Served with red cabbage salad & a special sauce of mayonnaise, mustard & honey

Pita pocket with pork fillet…..8€

Stuffed with avocado tzatziki sauce, crispy kale leaves, tomato, onion & fresh greens

Pita pocket with mushrooms…..8€

Stuffed with avocado tzatziki sauce, crispy kale leaves, tomato, onion & fresh greens



Graviera saganaki…..8€

Fried Cretan graviera PDO cheese in a crust of oats & poppy seeds. Served with rose spoon sweet


Traditional vine leaves stuffed with rice & herbs. Served with yogurt

Roasted & lightly fried potato rocks…..5€

Roasted & lightly fried potato rocks…..6€

With staka flavor & fresh truffle. Staka is a traditional Cretan clarified butter from sheep’s & goat’s milk

Halloumi cheese on smoked eggplant…..6€

With fried cherry tomatoes & raisin vinaigrette

 Roasted octopus…..9€

With fava beans spread, caramelized small onions, cherry tomatoes confit, & garlic purée



Pumpkin velouté soup…..6€

With aromatic croutons & parsley oil


Pizza margarita…..8€

With fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella & cherry tomatoes

Pizza special….. 9€

With fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms & peppers



Skioufichta with apaki…..9€

Traditional Cretan pasta with apaki (smoked pork fillet) & cherry tomatoes in fresh tomato sauce, thyme & grated dry local anthotiro PDO cheese

Skioufichta with tomato sauce…..7€

Traditional Cretan pasta with cherry tomatoes in fresh tomato sauce & thyme

Pappardelle with mushrooms…..9€

With portobello & white mushrooms a la crème, black truffle oil & grated parmesan

Carbonara linguine…..8 €

With bacon & cream

 Seafood linguine…..13€

With shrimps, octopus, pecorino cheese, fennel & confit cherry tomatoes

Farfalle with vodka & fresh salmon…..13€



Boneless beef steak…..16€

With celery root pure, mushrooms & pepper sauce

Chicken fillet…..12€

With baby potatoes, red pepper sauce, crispy bacon & roasted green peppers

Pork fillet…..14€

With butter & sage sauce. Served with sautéed zucchini

Grilled meatballs…..11€

Minced beef meatballs with tomato sauce & yogurt. Served with herb hasselback crispy potatoes

Salmon fillet…..16€

With Cretan greens, potatoes puree, miso sauce & truffle vinaigrette

Sea bass fillet…..14€

With beans puree, olive powder & cream of preserved white fish roe

Grilled shrimps…..15€

With arugula salad, cherry tomatoes & lemon oil sauce



Chocolate lava cake with granola & caramel…..5€

Baked after ordering & served hot

Parfait ice cream with homemade strawberry sauce…..5€

Galaktoboureko Porto Veneziano…..6€

With mascarpone cheese, dried fruits & rose syrup. Baked after ordering & served hot


With mascarpone cheese, espresso coffee & Kahlua liqueur

Λίστα Κρασιών

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