Old Town

Travel back in time…

In the Old Town with the romantic Venetian breeze is where the heart of Chania is! Visitors and locals together, people of all ages enjoy the beauty and the picturesque character of the Old Town. Walk around the pavement alleys, take the usual picture at the Lighthouse and enjoy your coffee or drink.


Combine vacation and shopping.

Chania has a big market with an enormous variety of products. You’ll find designer stores, souvenir shops where you can get gifts for your loved ones, and shops with local products. At the Municipal Market of Chania you’ll find traditional stand with local Cretan products. It’s open from Monday to Saturday, from 08:00 – 20:00.


A city that knows entertainment!

Coffee shops, restaurants, bars… At Chania all you have to do is choose how you want to spent your night. Especially during summer months visitors and locals together teke entertainment to the next level. It all starts in the morning at the beaches and beach bars. At night however, is really when entertainment starts, since there are dozens of choices to go out at Chania. It’s woth to visit a traditional Cretan festival. The sound of lyre and the traditional Greek dances will gift you with great memories.

Cretan Cuisine

Famous, tasty recipes with nutritional value!

For locals food is not just dishes on a table, it’s culture, hospitality, and a way of living. Cretan cuisine has delicious dishes made from local products. Signature products and recipes of the island are staka (type of traditional cheese), snails, kalitsounia (pastries with cheese, honey, and cinnamon), apaki (Cretan delicacy meat), gamopilafo, and antikristo (specific way of cooking meat). Of course, nobody leaves the table without drinking some raki first!

Traditional villages

Meet the original Crete!

There is no better way to meet a place, than visiting its villages. Life there goes by slower and the people are more relaxed. Sfakia’s natural beauty combines mountain and sea perfectly. Only when someone visits can truly see the magic of this place. Chora Sfakion, the center of Sfakia, is located only 74 km away from Chania. It is probably not so easily accessible but the view in front of you will definitely do you justice!


Abundance of greenery and fauna!

Nature lovers and hikers have the chance to enjoy spectacular routes around the area. At the south part of the island especially there are routes for both beginners and experienced hikers. Samaria Gorge is without a doubt the most famous one on the island. Descending starts at Xyloskalo and after about six hours of hiking you reach the end at Agia Roumeli. The ‘Gates’ are the most famous spot of the Gorge because it is so narrow that the rocks almost touch one another.