Greek – Cretan Breakfast

Sweet and savory dishes

Who doesn’t love a delicious, full breakfast with a fresh juice with Cretan oranges? Using products from our local producers, we create Cretan recipes with rich flavor and high nutritional value, in order to offer you unique and tasteful dishes.


If you schedule a trip and you are out the whole day, we can prepare a pack with delicious snacks to take on your trip.

Bread and baked goods

White and multigrain bread, bread with fermented rye, traditional barley rusks (dakos), butter croissants, chocolate bars & raisins, apple pie, cinnamon, almond, almond & honey, and chocolate biscuits, vanilla and chocolate muffins, scones with syrop, traditional, crunchy Greek pancakes (homemade).

Juice, Coffee, Beverages

Freshly squeezed juice from Cretan oranges, a variety of fresh juices, Greek coffee, black coffee, Nescafe, Espresso, Cappuccino, hot chocolate, fresh milk, Cretan herbs, big variety of European tea, traditional Cretan cinnamon, orgeat and more.

Homemade Sweets

Pecan pie, syrupy cake, traditional halva from semolina, various flavors of cake, traditional Greek doughnuts, homemade Greek traditional pancakes and waffles, vanilla, chocolate, rice pudding, caramel custard, panna cotta, jelly in various flavors, all on different days of the week.
Hotel with breakfast in Crete - Porto Veneziano Hotel

Salty Start

Fresh light & whole milk, Greek yogurt, butter, margarine, Greek feta, Cretan cottage cheese, Cretan gruyere, traditional Cretan myzithra from Chania, semi-hard cheese. Gluten free cured meats: bacon, sausages, hum, salami, turkey. Extra virgin Cretan olive oil, Kalamata olives, bruised green and wrinkled olives.
Hotel with breakfast in Crete - Porto Veneziano Hotel

Flavors full of energy

Variety of whole and sliced fruit, Cretan thyme honey, hazelnut praline with chocolate, sesame paste with honey and chocolate, muesli, corn flakes plain & with chocolate, rice flakes with chocolate, dried fruit (plums, apricots, raisins), marmalade (quince, orange, apricot, strawberry, peach), chunky marmalade (bergamot, orange, plum, strawberry, bergamot, fig), compote (peach, apricot and boiled dried apricot sugar free).
Hotel with breakfast in Crete - Porto Veneziano Hotel

Delicious Dishes

Eggs, omelet plain, with cured meats, or with vegetables, strapatsada (scrambled eggs with tomatoes) plain or with zucchini (sfouggato), cheese pie, spinach pie, pie with greens, traditional pie from Sfakia, curd pastries, greens pastries, lychnarakia ( pastries with curd), all on different days of the week.