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Smoke-free policy

The Hotel's Smoke-free Policy
There is nothing more refreshing and rejuvenating that a pure breath of fresh sea air moving through the windows of Porto Veneziano. This is what we strive to maintain on a daily basis as the advantageous location of our hotel easily allows it.
After the renovation of 2013, we are proud to implement a policy free of tobacco smoke in all indoor public areas, rooms and suites of the hotel in order to ensure a clear environment, less second-hand smoking and no tobacco scent.

Policy implementation
We tend to advertise our policy on all means possible. Our esteemed guests are informed of such measures prior to their booking and also on their booking confirmation. In the spirit of "repetition being the mother of all learning", our friendly reception staff kindly re-iterate the no-smoking policy upon check-in.
Our policy is built on quality management processes of Porto Veneziano and is constantly checked by our staff and management.

What about the smokers?
It is our pleasure to have smoking guests who politely respect the rules of this policy. Therefore, we happily provide ashtrays on all private balconies of all rooms and suites as well as welcome our smoking guests to smoke in the garden or outside, by the seafront.

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