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Environmental policy and our "green" operations

A basic aim for Porto Veneziano is to achieve perfect operation regimes that work in perfect harmony with the environment.

Saving energy, water and proper waste management is the primary concern of the management of the hotel. For this reason :

  • We use solar energy for water heating purposes and reduce energy loss with full insulation of the transfer pipes.
  • We monitor and adjust the temperature of the central air conditioning system, according to the external weather conditions.
  • We wholly replaced our lamps with new ones, providing reduced energy consumption
  • We use LPG in the kitchen
  • We only select detergents that are eco -friendly
  • We have established a connection with the treatment plant of Chania
  • We use the magnetic key cards as in-room power enablers, so as to stop the operation of all electrical facilities , except the refrigerator and the red charger plug.
  • We discard the burnt cooking oil on the designated gathering station at the local supermarket « Chalkiadakis »
  • We actively recycle! We return all packaging, plastic, paper, bottles and other materials for recycling in cooperation with "DE.DI.SA", the Municipal Recycling of Chania
  • We return all used batteries in cooperation with the company "AFIS " and we recylce all electrical & electronic equipment, in cooperation with the company ElectroCycle

Air conditioning system with geothermal technology

Earth's upper crust, a few feet below us is a vast storehouse of energy. It absorbs 50% of the solar energy and maintains it at a nearly constant temperature throughout the year.

We use the free energy of the earth and apply innovative air conditioning systems with geothermal technology. Geothermal solutions consume only ¼ of the energy that even the most modern air conditioning systems would require and thus really stand out from the conventional systems. Hence, our hotel, with yet another "green" solution, continues operating with an environmentally friendly conscience, providing the optimal solution for heating and cooling.

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