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A Summer of Music 2018


With respect to quality and originality, we established a series of thematic cultural events entitled as «A Summer of Music», since the summer of 2017, having as a starting point an inspiration by the renown Cretan poet and writer Leonidas Kakaroglou. As your warm welcome and support proved to be more than encouraging, this refreshing idea materialized again. We are proud to support and follow the rich musical tradition of Chania, notably the kind of the sophisticated entertainment that has been neglected in our town -and even our country, in recent years.

As you embraced these events with your love and interest we are happy to reciprocate to this trust with the highest sense of responsibility towards Art and Culture. We are sure that you will honor us with your presence, this summer of 2018.

Let us contemplate artfully together, for once more.

General information

When: From June 18 to September 17, 2018, at 21:00, according to the detailed schedule that follows.
Where: At our hotel's carefully prepared and specially designed patio, in Porto Veneziano.
How: Call: 28210 27100, or email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Entrance: €15. With free selection of your first drink (choose among wine, beer or a refreshment). Due to limited seats, please make your reservation in advance. Our personnel will be happy to provide any additional information and help at any given time. 

Schedule of appearances

01 "ACCORDIA" June 18 2018 21:00

banner FB 18.6.18 playACCORDIA is a new musical ensemble of Chania, consisting of musicians with many years of musical experience. Their repertoire incorporates music from Western Europe to the Balkans and from Latin America to the Eastern Mediterranean. Their musical derivatives are the Argentinean and the Greek tango, as well as retro light songs, cinematic music and classic and traditional European works that are compatible to the musical instruments used by the scheme. In all their 15 months of existence, ACCORDIA has successfully performed more than 25 musical performances throughout Crete.


Makis Tsamalikos: Accordion, Orchestration

Petros Dounavis: Violin

Elias Boikos: Guitar

Yannis Polychronakis: Contrabass

02 "Amma Duo" June 25 2018 21:00

banner FB 25.6.18 playAmma Duo is a duet consisting of Prodromos Karadeloglou and Kostas Kechrakos. The two musicians creatively unite their respect musical creations in order to introduce us to this unique musical journey, according to the Mediterranean’s music traditions. Various musical motifs from Greece, Turkey, Armenia and generally from the wider Mediterranean region, "twisted" with an experimental approach, seasoned with strong elements of jazz and a lot of improvisation.


Prodromos Karadeloglou: Oud, Lyra

Kostas Kechrakos: Guitar, Bass

03 "Of the sea and the sky" July 9 21:00

03From the open seas of the Greek and Mediterranean tradition, to the sounds and verses of modern Greek artists. Two musicians who weave their own way through melodies and songs that unite, converse and redefine themselves, by bringing selected old memories, senses and sounds from the past to the present. Enjoy songs from Smyrni, Kalymnos and Crete, by Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, Loizos, Savopoulos or Peridis, also influenced by a variety of newer and original compositions, in a tender and imaginative musical performance through their refreshing contemporary look.


Takis Farazis: Piano

Mariastella Tzanoudaki: Voice

04 "A Tribute to Nikos Kypourgos" July 23 2018 21:00

04Doros Dimosthenous’ vocals and Neoklis Neophytidis on the piano will unfold a musical skein, having the excellent music of Nikos Kypourgos as a start. On the way we will discover "eclectic relations" with some of the most beloved creators by the famous composer and performer, such as Vasilis Tsitsanis, Kostas Giannidis and -of course- Manos Hadjidakis. Another summer night where harmonious melodies will have the first and last word.


Nikos Kypourgos: Composition

Neoklis Neofitidis: Piano

Doros Dimosthenous: Voice

05 "From Attik to Gounaris" July 30 2018 21:00

05David Nachmias will introduce us to a two-hour journey to the finest songs that marked an entire era and still remain alive and beloved, to our days. Tango, Foxtrot, Swing and Waltz, by artists as Attik, Gianidis, Charopoulos, Sougioul, Danae, Vembo and Gounaris. A kind and elegand artistic tour in a small rejuvenated country, through honest and modest music creations. The very inner musical landscape of this land was drawn by artists who dedicated their creative years to the cause, from the beginning of the twentieth century until the end of the 1950s . The great social and political turmoil of these years generated the need for detailed and educated songs, for a demanding audience, as well as an anticipation for their continous production. Great miracles happened in Rome, Paris and all over Europe. Other than the local song production, the Greeks tried to enrich their song collection by creatively transcripting their European fellow artists and by sharing their joys and whims, as they introduced a great number of "dubbed" songs that had been debuted very successfully abroad. This may be the springboard of globalization, long before the art fell under the wheels of the postmodernizaton. The show consists of a variety of songs, characteristic of their time. Amongst them, various translated musical successes and unrecognized Greek songs of high artistic value.


David Nachmias: Art direction, Piano

Thanos Polidoras: Voice

06 "Selections" August 8 2018 21:00

06Composer Charis Vrontos presents a selection of his own songs, composed from the period of the 70's until our days, based on the poetry of Kavafis, Karouzos, Sachtouris, Patilis, Pavlostathis, Sofianos, Valery and others. Accompanied by a cello and a piano, two singers (Maira Milolidaki and Irene Tsirakidou) will perform arias and duets of classical and modern repertoire.


Charis Vrontos: Composition

Claire Demeulenaere: Cello

Titos Gouvelis: Piano

Maira Milolidaki: Voice (Soprano)

Irini Tsirakidou: Voice (Mezzo soprano)

07 "Radio program.The theater on the radio microphone" August 20 2018 21:00

07A tribute to the music of the theater as presented on the radio. Singer Tasis Christogiannopoulos, actress Martha Tomboulidou and conductor Dimitris Bouzanis, will perform live excerpts and vivid songs from the stage, in music composed by Manos Hadjidakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Stavros Xarchakos, Christos Leontis, Michalis Sougioul and others. Just like in a classic radio show.


Tasis Christogiannopoulos: Voice

Martha Tompoulidou: Performance

Dimitris Bouzanis: Piano

08 "K. P. Kavafis, at the Balkan Hotel" August 27 2018 21:00

08K. P. Kavafis arrives at the Balkan Hotel, an imaginary, isolated hotel, on a street with shops selling spices and tea, asking for a room for the next 48 hours. He is not accompanied by Alekos Segopoulos. Giorgos Chronas, the receptionist, gives him room number 17. A quiet, dark room, with double velvet curtains. There, illuminated only by a candle, the poet Kavafis listens to the receptionist reading his poems. There are also five music pieces, three songs and two works by J. S. Bach, for church organ. A performance full of poetry and music with the resonance of radio shows and lost friends, which began its journey one evening in August at the 56th Philippi festival -(municipality of Kavala) and continued at festivals: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Elefsina, Zakynthos, Porfyrogeni Agria Volou, Kozani, Ptolemaida, Thessaloniki, Patra, Polis Art Café Athens, Alexandroupoli, Brussels, Rome, Piraeus, Hekate Kipseli Theater, now in Chania and later in October at the Hellenic American Union, Athens. The poet and editor Giorgos Chronas is choosing, reading and creating his own atmosphere in this peculiar "open" one-act play –as the receptionist.


Giorgos Chronas: Performance

09 "When music is inspired by poetry..." September 3 2018 21:00

09Brothers Michalis and Pantelis Kalogerakis and Fenia Christou offer an evening dedicated to music and poetry. The three artists, inspired by the Greek poetry, compose, sing, perform and improvise. They will treat us with music and songs from their personal albums: Εl3ven (by Metronomos) - Fenia Christou, Prosopiko (by Mikri Arktos) - Michalis and Pantelis Kalogerakis, as well as selected independent melodies and excerpts from their entire repertoire.


Fenia Christou: Piano / Voice

Michalis Kalogerakis: Guitar / Voice

Pantelis Kalogerakis: Performance

10 "Around the moon’s rotund" September 10 2018 21:00

10For all the summer-dreaming lovers of quality music! Four renowned artists will perform poetic melodies composed by Greek artists, combined with lyrical pieces of the international repertoire. Love, in its broad meaning, embraces life itself, permeates through all the music and the songs that will be introduced by this special scheme. The warm, sentimental voice of Anna Onoufriou, accompanied by the sophisticated and sensual piano playing by Sophia Kamagiani, along the masterful musical “acrobatics” of the harmonica and the warmth of the flute by Manos Avarakis, the melancholic tenderness of the viola, in alternation with the sweetness of the mandolin playing by Fotis Papantoniou, will consist a unique musical event. Like a surprise that works subversively, there will be heard compositions as: The Night (by Xarhakos and Gatsos), The Moon's Crazy (by Hadjidakis and Gatsos), La Canzone del mal di luna (by Piovani) ), Scarborough Fair (by Simon and Garfunkel), and many others. Also, there will be songs and orchestral pieces by Sofia Kamagiani from her own discography, as well as some of her unpublished work.


Anna Onoufriou: Voice

Manos Avarakis: Harmonica, Flute

Fotis Papantoniou: Viola, Mandolin, Guitar, Voice

Sophia Kamagiani: Piano, Voice, Orchestration, Art direction

11 "Uncharted musical destinations" September 17 2018 21:00

11Three artists will introduce a musical performance with bold theatrical aesthetics, performing notable musical creations of great composers, from a broad local and world repertoire. Original songs, made of many distinct musical “shades”, that sometimes transcent with their lyrical sensitivity, sometimes with thymic rush and sometimes with ecstatic peaks. A musical performance that conveys listeners to a mood of ecstasy, shaping the vibrant dynamics of the songs to an aesthetic pleasurement of unique character.


Morfo Tsaireli: Voice

Bela Lionaki: Accordion, Orchestration

Dimitris Droumpoyannis: Piano



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